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School Uniform

Session 2016 - 17
Buy CHS Uniform from Tesco Buy CHS Uniform from Border Embroideries How to Apply Braiding  
Pupils show their pride in the school by wearing school uniform. School uniform is simple and practical. It is no more expensive than other kinds of clothing. All pupils are required to wear school uniform in school and on educational visits.

All clothes and equipment should be marked with the pupil’s name. Every year, clothing, school bags and PE kit which have been lost in the school cannot be returned because there is no way of identifying the owner!

The uniform for Carnoustie High School is:
• Plain black skirt or trousers
• White shirt/blouse which buttons up to the neck
• Plain black v-neck sweater/cardigan
• Plain black flat school shoes
• School tie (available from the school office for £3.00)
• Black embroidered school blazer

Embroidered Blazers can be supplied by Tesco  or from Border Embroideries

These sites also stock v-neck sweaters and cardigans, t shirts for PE and other items with an embroidered school badge. Badged items are only available online for home delivery.

Other items of school clothing are included on the site and are also available through many other retailers.

Alternatively you can buy your own black blazer and embroidered school badges are available for purchase from the school office for £3.00 Blazers for S5/6 are supplied directly through the school.

 Appropriate school uniform is described above; skinny jeans, leggings, jeggings and very short lycra type skirts are not appropriate items of uniform. Shoes should be entirely black, without obvious branding, stripes, logos etc. Clothing brought to school should be named or marked so that it can be identified as belonging to your child.

Uniform can be an area of dispute at home. By making clear our expectations and by offering you unequivocal backing when insisting on a consistently high standard for our young people, we make a visible, positive statement of our ambition for our school community.


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