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Expressive Arts

Head of Department

Miss F MacPherson

Teaching Staff

Mrs D Hill
Miss C Munro
Mrs L Dallas
Mrs S Strachan

Broad General Education S1-S3

During your first three years in Carnoustie High School you will have been learning through a broad, general education.

You will have experienced a wide range of subjects across a range of curricular areas – Expressive Arts, Languages, Mathematics, Social Subjects, Health and Wellbeing, Sciences and Technologies. In addition to this you have also followed a Personal and Social Education programme.

The broad general education provides an excellent foundation for you to move on to study for qualifications, at the right level for you, in the senior phase of secondary school.

More information can be found in the School Handbook.

Senior Phase S4-S6

The senior phase of your education includes S4 to S6 and is the stage of education where you will build up a portfolio of qualifications in preparation for your life in college, university or in the workplace. There is increased personalisation and choice in both the subjects that you can choose and the level of qualification that you can study for.


ART: Art and Design National 4 and 5, Art and Design Higher, Art and Design Advanced Higher, Art and Design S6 Portfolio, Photography Higher.

The purpose of these Courses is to provide a broad practical experience of art and design and related critical activity. The Courses provide opportunities for learners to be inspired and creatively challenged as they explore how to visually represent and communicate their personal thoughts, ideas and feelings through their work. Learners will investigate the factors influencing artists and designers work and practice and will use this understanding when developing and producing their creative expressive art and design work. The skills that learners gain by successfully completing the Courses will be valuable for learning, life and work. Learners will investigate and analyse how artists and designers have used materials, techniques and/or technology in their work, before experimenting with and using these when developing their ideas. They will develop creativity and problem solving skills when experimenting with and using materials, techniques and/or technology in creative ways. Critical thinking and reflective skills will also be developed as learners review and refine their work.

MUSIC: Music National 4 and 5, Music Higher, Music Advanced Higher.

The purpose of these Courses is to provide a broad practical experience of performing and creating music and develop related knowledge and understanding of music. Course activities allow learners to work independently or in collaboration with others, and can help learners to plan and organise, to make decisions and to take responsibility for own learning. The Courses are practical and experiential in nature and includes flexibility in the contexts for learning. It helps learners to develop and extend their interest in music, and to develop performing skills on their two selected instruments or on one instrument and voice. The Courses also provide opportunities for learners to develop composing skills and broaden their understanding of music concepts and styles. The Courses enable learners to develop their skills and creative capabilities as a musician. Performing music, for example, demands skills of autonomy, interpretation and creativity, as well as providing the opportunity to increase confidence and self-esteem. The practice required to develop these skills can promote perseverance, among other things, as well as helping learners to learn how to learn. The skills that learners gain throughout the Course will be valuable for learning, life and work.



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