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Additional Support Needs

Head of Department

Mrs L Sleeman

Teaching Staff

Msr L Ayres
Mrs M Hay
Mr B Dubas
Mrs L Sturrock
Miss K Reid
Mrs L Fraser

In Carnoustie High School, children with Additional Support Needs are catered for in accordance with current Angus Education Department’s policy. This endorses the principle that children with Additional Support Needs should be educated as locally as is possible consistent with meeting their needs effectively. In line with the GIRFEC model, and through the transition process, young people, parents, carers, school and partner agencies work together to ensure appropriate support and curriculum are in place in order to meet the needs of the young person. The needs of every young person with Additional Support Needs are reviewed regularly in order to offer a flexible and adapted curriculum, reflecting the young person’s needs and abilities.

The ASN team encourage open communication with parents, carers and all partners. Initial contact should be made, in the first instance, to the Principal Teacher Additional Support Needs.


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