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Library Opening Hours – outwith classtime

8.20 – 8.50am

1.00 – 1.55pm

3.40 – 4.10pm

Lunchtime access is as follows:-

Mon      S1 pupils

Tues      S3/4 pupils

Wed      S3/4 pupils

Thurs     S1/2 pupils

Fri           S2 pupils

S5/6 pupils can access the library at any time



The library occupies a central position within the school and can accommodate up to 90 pupils. There are 30 desktop computers providing full internet access. The book stock comprises 4,500 fiction titles and 5,500 non-fiction.

The library is managed by a full-time professionally qualified Chartered librarian.

There is a Homework Club in the Upper Library twice weekly at lunchtimes supervised by teaching staff.

The library catalogue was recently upgraded to an online version. Book search results now include web links to relevant sites. Pupils can login at school and remotely by downloading an App to their smartphone. The App is iMLS.

All S1 pupils are given an introduction to the library and instruction in research & evaluation skills. These skills are reinforced as they move through school to the senior phase.

The promotion of reading for enjoyment is also prioritised and events that pupils participate in include World Book Day & Book Week Scotland.


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