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~ School closes for the Summer holidays at 3.00 pm on Thursday 25th June and resumes for the new session at 8.55 am on Tuesday 18th August 2015 ~

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As Headteacher of Carnoustie High School, it is my pleasure and privilege to write a brief introduction to our school website.

This website contains all essential information regarding the operation of the school, but of course it can do no more than provide a brief summary of the many on-going school activities and working practices. If you wish more detailed information on any aspect of school life, or wish to visit the school, then please do not hesitate to contact the school office in order that appropriate arrangements can be made.

If your child is moving from P7 to S1 in August then he/she will have the opportunity of an extended induction period in June, during which time he/she will, as far as possible, follow her/his S1 timetable. The pupils’ visit will be preceded by an Open Evening for Parents/Guardians and it is hoped you will be able to attend.

If your child is moving into any other of our year groups then he/she will be given the opportunity to visit the school prior to their enrolment. Parents/guardians will also be given the opportunity to meet with senior staff and have a brief tour of the school prior to their child's enrolment.

Good home-school relationships are crucial ingredients of an effective, and indeed happy educational experience for any young person. In order to further strengthen the very sound home-school relationships that currently prevail within the Carnoustie High School community, I would encourage you to read and use this website to find out more about the school and its daily operational procedures.

The school motto 'Deed Shaws Pruif' (deed shows proof) encourages pupils to show proof of their learning deeds, and not just in the academic sense. It is my firm belief that all pupils are successful learners who through their 'Carnoustie Experience' will develop into confident individuals, and who will be prepared to make their way in the world by becoming effective contributors and responsible citizens.

My colleagues and I look forward to welcoming you and your child to Carnoustie High School.

F.J Booth


Last Updated : February 2015

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