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About Carnoustie High School

Carnoustie High School has served the town and surrounding area as the Burgh School for almost 150 years and we are very proud of our history and our tradition of service to the local community. While taking pride in our past we are firmly focused on the future and we are committed to equipping our young people with the knowledge, skills and personal qualities necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing world. We have superb modern facilities and offer our young people a full range of experiences both within the formal curriculum and in a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Learning is at the centre of everything we do and we aim to help our young people achieve success by challenging them academically and in supporting their personal development in ways that go far beyond the classroom.

The contents of this site will provide the answers to many of your questions about how we work. You will find all the essential information regarding the operation of the school; matters such as school uniform, transport and enrolment. We also have much more specific content on each of our Curriculum Groups. There are also links to other relevant websites such as Education Scotland, SQA, Glow and others.

But a website cannot replace personal contact; that is still the most important form of communication, so If you need more information on any aspect of school life and wish to visit the school, then please do not hesitate to contact the school office in order that appropriate arrangements can be made. We are proud of our school community, and when you take the opportunity to come and meet us, we are confident you will see why.

D. A. Currie

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Senior School Course Descriptors

Building Positive Relationships Policy

Educational Maintenance Allowance Application Form 

School Reporting Surveys

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve communication between school and home, we have put together a survey to gather feedback from parents on our School Reporting.

Please follow the link below to give us your views! 

If you have a child in S1-S3

If you have a child in S4-S6

School Holidays

A list of school holiday dates can be accessed here: Angus Council School Holidays